The city of Rimini

Ariminum was founded in 268 to.C. by the Romans according to the typical construction along two main axes: the cardo (via Garibaldi and via IV Novembre) and the decumanus (corso d'augusto). The two roads meet in what at one time was the old roman forum, today named Piazza Tre Martiri in the memory of a fierce partisan resistance that earned the city the honor of a gold medal to the civil value.

In Piazza Ferrari , you can visit the domus of the Surgeon, a “photograph” of life in ancient Rimini: it is, in fact, an important archaeological site with finds from the roman age to the middle Ages. In this square, also, you log in via Tonini, where the headquarters of the Museum of the City that, in addition to a rich archaeological section, has pictorial evidence of the calibre of Giovanni Bellini.

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Rimini Roman

Other symbols of the ancient roman city are theArch of Augustus and theancient roman Amphitheatre, erected in the course of the II century d.C. and used for gladiatorial shows. The Tiberius bridge connects the centre with the old village of fishermen. So much loved by Federico Fellini, the borgo San Giuliano, a small and suggestive, it perpetuates the myth thanks to the murals dedicated to him along the colourful walls of the houses.

Rimini renaissance

The journey to the discovery of Rimini, however, is not complete without a visit to the Malatesta Temple, a masterpiece of renaissance architecture, designed by Leon Battista Alberti: within it there are a crucifixion by Giotto, and the frescoes of Piero della Francesca, representing Sigismondo Malatesta, lord of Rimini and patron of the temple.
Piazza Cavour is the centre of night entertainment: after having met at the Fountain of the pine Cone, the boys head towards the Old fish market, where you can find pubs and bars.
From the Hotel, Hummingbirds can easily reach the centre of Rimini by means of public transportation near the hotel is the bus stop of bus 11, is also active at night.

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