Rimini is not only golden beaches, cocktails and fun. The most curious and willing, we suggest to explore also our green hinterland, rich of medieval villages that still preserve intact their ancient charm. Let yourself be seduced by tourism, less known (but no less rich!), the fact of the history, culture and nature.


Easily accessible both by car and by train, this ancient village is able to convey all the flavours of Romagna: the scents of local products are dispersed to the alleys and squares, among the noble palaces and the houses borghigiane. We also recommend to take a tour of the over 200 sandstone caves that dot the subsoil of the historical centre.

San Leo

This medieval village, Orange Flag of the Touring Club, which dominates the marecchia valley from time immemorial. Theancient military fortress was built in the time of the battles between the byzantines and the goths: raised on a rocky outcrop to get the best strategic location, now the stronghold continues to be admired for its majesty and elegance of the stage design.


This village is mainly known for the legend of Guendalina Malatesta, called “Azzurrina”. To her were dedicated the many studies by historians and scholars of the occult: a not to be missed for all lovers of unsolved mysteries.


The hill of Gradara is dominated by the majestic Fortress, home of the tormented love between Paolo and Francesca: their history has been extolled by Dante in the V canto of the Inferno.


Orange flag of the Touring Club since 2005, Verucchio was the centre of the Villanovan culture, which you will be able to see numerous testimonials at the Civic Archaeological Museum. Considered the “cradle of the Malatesta, Verucchio has one of the fortresses of the Signoria the best preserved.

San Marino

Just A 30-minute drive from Rimini there is the oldest Republic in Europe. Founded in 301 d.C., San Marino has got the recognition of Unesco world Heritage site.

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